Services including Web IT and Sales
Web Services

From a simple brochure style website up to full e-commerce and more, we can help you with our small handpicked network of vendors to achieve your goals. With years of experience along with success and failures we know exactly what it takes to provide that extra care and service to provide a quality solution. We look after all of our client needs ensuring that the job gets done and services are provided to your requirements. We don’t just stop at the initial project, we continue to look after our client web presence requirements as they arise.

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IT Consulting Services

Through IT Management and consequent engagements with businesses throughout the UK, we have provided first class IT consulting services. From network and software advice through to full on systems analysis, implementation and training, we have had the experience to adapt to any given scenario.

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Sales Executive Services

Successful sales is all about the relationship with customers. If you are looking for a simple ‘cold caller’ service then we respectfully ask you to look elsewhere. However, if you are looking for someone to help with inbound sales conversion then we are definitely for you. With a proven track record, we can assist you with any level of sales executive requirements.

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Amazon & eBay Services

We have recently teamed up with JCM Consultants who provide the magic behind improving your Amazon and eBay listings and sales throughput. With a resource of staff that simply know what they are doing JCM Consultants can work with you to improve your listing and sales alike.

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Software check & select Services

It is literally a minefield out there when it comes to finding the right software solution for your business. With years of experience with, too many to count software requirements, we have the ability to analyse your process/requirements initially to then assist with short listing the right software for you and your business.

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Software Assistance

All too often we see businesses invest in software only to not use it to it’s fullest capacity and or efficiently. It is true to be said with most software purchased, on average only 30%-40% of the software is utilised. Don’t panic though, as this is very common and does not mean that you are wasting money. As long as you are using the percentage of the software efficiently and effectively then you are getting value for money. Where businesses do fail to gain the return on investment we can help bridge that gap by getting under the hood and unravelling what to some businesses has become a leviathan and is sitting dormant not being used.

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